Zero to 1 Life Accelerator (Business and Life Coaching)

Zero to 1 Life Accelerator (Business and Life Coaching)

Christopher Greene of AMTV teaches his one-of-a-kind Zero to 1 Life Accelerator class which reveals all the Secrets of How to Change YOUR Life Today with a Single Decision! REGISTER NOW at our Exclusive Introductory rate of $100...Prices will be Going Up SOON and there is Always First-Mover Advantage. In this 1-ON-1 Course Christopher will share the Secrets that Made him a Millionaire, built his Social Media company and made him Bitcoin Rich. THERE ARE NO RULES IN LIFE! It's Time to Step Out of the Box and Live the Life YOU Really Want Today!! Don't DREAM Your Dreams, Live Them Right Now...

Our course includes:

1. Weekly Motivational Videos and How To's Revealing the Life SKILLS Needed to Kill it in Business and Life no Matter What the OBSTACLE.

2. Social Media Tips & Tricks from an Expert: Will Share the SECRETS of How I Built a Social Media company from the Ground Up which now reaches close to half a million daily subscribers and 100,000,000+ MILLION views worldwide.

3. How to SELL Almost Anything to Any 1: Starting with Yourself, Public Perception and SELLING any product or service that resonates with your customer and Improves the WORLD. If you Don't BELIEVE In Yourself No One Will!

4. Private Mentorship and What I've Learned from Celebrity Friends and Mentors: Secrets I've Gathered from People like Peter Thiel (PayPal founder), Eric Schmidt (Billionaire Executive of Google now Alphabet), George Foreman (Elite WORLD Champion Boxer) and much More.

5. How APPLYING the Skills and Training of an ELITE Athlete to the Real World (Christopher was a Division 1 All-American Water Polo player) and started as a Freshman in College on Scholarship. How and WHY Training, Focus, Diligence and Repetition are the KEYS to Success. It's What Has Made Me a MILLIONAIRE!!

6. Life HACKS, Tips and Tricks on Personal Wellness, WELL-BEING Spirituality and Living to YOUR Full Potential! How to Find the Love, Health, Wellness and Happiness that We All Desire and Improve the World While You Do It.

7. SPECIAL GUESTS / INTERVIEWS with leading Commentators and Motivational Speakers from around the World with Live Q&A sessions.

8. PRIVATE Forums and Support Community to HELP Encourage YOU to Live to Your FULL-POTENTIAL!! Something I Never Had and Think Would Have Radically Accelerated my Own Success, Entrepreneurial ventures and Happiness.

9. START A BUSINESS OR NEW LIFE PATH: How to Overcome OBSTACLES, Objections your Own Personal perceptions of Yourself and the World Around YOU. How to BUILD Upon Your FAILURES and Turn them Into a MULTI-MILLION Dollar Business or Idea.

10. MILLIONAIRE (Zero to 1) Mindset Training: How to Train Your Mind, Become What YOU Think About, Accelerate Your Learning, KNOWLEDGE Base, Social / Business Relationships and Build a MULTI-MILLION Dollar Lifestyle in the Process Where YOU are in CONTROL.

*SPECIAL Offers and Bonus Content / Discounts on Merch, Private Events and Seminars.

'YOU Are What You Think About!'

God Bless - Christopher Greene

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Zero to 1 Life Accelerator (Business and Life Coaching)

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