AMTV covers today’s most important news and politics with hard-hitting media personality Christopher Greene. Offering a fresh, fearless and often controversial perspective to world events, Christopher shoots from the hip, unafraid to challenge the official mainstream media narrative and providing a gutsy alternative to establishment media. Although you might not always agree with Christopher, AMTV is thought-provoking, uncensored, poignant, inspiring and at times frightening. Deconstructing how you view the world step-by-step and taking you down the rabbit hole, you’ll question your entire view of the world, government, politics, control, power, media and propaganda. You’ll be stripped naked of your preconceptions, normalcy biases and presented with the red pill. If swallowed, you’ll join an addicted underground community of free-thinkers, trailblazers, freedom fighters, rebels and thought criminals. Honoring the spirit of revolutionaries like Jefferson, Washington, Orwell and others you’ll find new friends, make enemies and continue your quest for TRUTH!

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    223 videos

    Our collection of publicly aired videos commercial and ad-free.

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    AMTV Live!

    10 videos

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    Watch Christopher Greene cover "FreedomFest 2016" in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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    25 videos

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    7 videos — 1 extra

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